Endfeed Air Vent Cap

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Endfeed Air Vent Cap
Endfeed Air Vent Cap
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Enfeed Air Vent Cap

Metric Fitting Sizes: 15mm
  • 15mm
  • 22mm
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WRAS approved air vant cap from The Plumbing Warehouse. Fits over copper tube, not inside the fitting

End feed capillary fitting manufactured to BS EN 1254-1. This fitting joints copper tube manufactured to BS EN 1057 using solder.

It is suitable for above ground hot and cold domestic or potable water services, central heating systems, low-pressure steam heating and pressurised unvented heating systems. It is equally suitable for sanitation services and compressed air lines, gas distribution systems for natural and manufactured gases.

A solder joint is created through the principal of capillary action, when the fitting and tube is assembled and heated to the appropriate temperature, solder becomes molten and is drawn into the gap between tube and fitting for a durably reliable joint. It is recommended soldering flux is also used to aid in this.


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